The Flowering Cherry Hedge

CherryHedge_01Do you ever wish you could have a cherry orchard, right in your own backyard?  Well now you can with the amazingly fast growing Flowering Cherry Hedge. Just drop in the ground, water as needed, and starting next spring you will have beautiful blossoms and by summer you will have more delicious cherries than you'll know what do to with! It's so simple and the results are delectable.  





Just plant, water and watch CherryHedge grow. Even in harsh conditions, it's easy to grow. You can grow up to 10,000 cherries per plant and before long you will be collecting cherries by the bowlful that you can share with friends & family, and use to make pies, or jams. Plus, you can pick them off the bush one at a time for a fresh, tasty snack anytime you want!



  • No more supermarket cherries
  • Saves you money
  • Grows even in poor soil
  • Each plant yields up to 10,000 cherries
  • Grows 3x faster than regular cherry tree


Supplies are limited and this offer is not available in stores so take advantage of the DOUBLE OFFER Now.  Buy 2 Cherry Hedge Plants Get 2 Plants FREE only $9.98!